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Why use Game Signs? The reasons:

Take it from the best and Don't Get Crossed Up!
Below are some of the many ways GameSigns can improve your game!

"Eliminates disruption communication between pitcher/catcher when shadows, overcast, bad weather, and poor lighting are factors in a game."

"Reduces past balls due to cross-ups."

"Eliminates mound visit by catcher and/or coach before, after, and in light of a potential cross-up."

"Reduces batter stepping out when communication between pitcher/catcher is taking too long."

"Reduces the amount of times a pitcher will step off in order to re-start the sequence do to lack of visibility."

"Reduces possibility of time taken when an Umpire or catcher is injured/hurt by the pitch because the ball was not caught by the catcher due to a cross-up, forcing a substitution or waiting period."

"Reduces infielder’s trips to the mound when trying to position themselves based on the pitch call. (Infielders can see the catcher’s signs, position themselves accordingly and relay info to other infielders/outfielders.)"

"Speeds up signaling time by allowing for clear quick sequences that are easily visible (pump system), as opposed to deliberate slow signaling, usually tucked into the dark shadows between a catcher’s legs , making it harder to see, though intended to be otherwise detectable."

"Eliminates time between pitches taken with alternative products, such as dipping hand in chalk (which is usually required between each pitch) and/or the putting on or taking of tape around the indicating fingers (tape can get sweaty, wet, dirty and often will need to be removed during the inning after it is put on)."

"Eliminates bad throws by the catcher due to alternative products such as tape (wet and slippery, making it hard to grip) and chalk as well being as it can only be cleaned off with one quick swipe after the pitch sign is given and before the pitch is delivered."

"Speeds up rhythm of all pitchers, especially those pitchers whom are executing well, due to reduced interruption and mental stress caused by the struggles of communicating with the catcher. Signal visibility, quickness, and variations of Signs can all either increase a pitchers rhythm when clear and concise, or can slow a pitcher down when hard to see, are given slowly and are changed verbally during a time-out."

"Lastly if visibility becomes a signaling problem during the game do to Rain, Clouds, Snow, Shadows, Sun Glare), the Enhancement Stickers can be applied in seconds, making it the practical time saving solution to any Baseball game that would otherwise be slowed down do to communication factors."