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Freqently Asked Questions

Q: Where are Game Signs manufactured?
A: Game Signs are manufactured in the United States. We take pride in the fact that we buy and sell American manufactured products! All products used to make Game Signs stickers and its adhesive are non-toxic.

Q: Why are all the nails the same size?
A: Each nail on a person's hand is a different size and no two peoples' nails are identical in size or shape.  Therefore, in order to make this tool available to everyone trying to enhance his/her game, Game Signs has come up with a size and shape that can fit on all fingernails, giving catchers an easy way to enhance their signal visibility with very little effort. For those with larger nails and an excess amount of nail still showing, we highly recommend using multiple stickers to cover the nail surface more sufficiently. Overlapping of the stickers is not a problem as the stickers adhere well to each other. Please do not apply any part of the sticker to the cuticle or skin as this will cause the sticker to lose its "tack" and increase its potential to come off.

Q: Is white the only color available?
A: No. Due to heavy demand, we also offer Optic Yellow, Optic Orange, and Optic Pink. Game Signs encourages the catchers to have white Game Signs at all games even if planning on wearing colored enhancement stickers, as white Game Signs have proven to be most visible in typical catching circumstances.

Q: What if one falls off during the game?
A: If the Game Signs signal enhancement sticker is applied properly, they it will not come off until manually removed. Game Signs signal enhancement stickers should never be applied to the skin! When applied, the sticker should be placed on a clean and dry nail and should only be touching the nail surface. If wearing more than one sticker on a nail, remember to be sure to overlap the stickers so that they will fit within the nail surface and will not be forced off the nail and onto the skin. Game Signs are not made to be worn on the skin and use of the stickers on the skin is not recommended. Also, be sure to apply the sticker by pressing the sticker firmly down while rubbing across the surface to make sure the entire sticker is securely adhered to the nail.

Q: When can I expect to receive the Game Signs I have purchased?
A: Game Signs orders are typically shipped out within 2 days from when the order was placed. Game Signs are sent via UPS/FedEx/USPS ground mail unless otherwise specified.