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#1 Signal Enhancer used in the Major and Minor Leagues!

Game Signs are a simple and easy solution to a very frequent and dangerous problem in the game of baseball or softball - getting crossed up!   Since the beginning of the game, pitchers and catchers have maintained a silent communication between each other through the use of hand signals given by the catcher to the pitcher.   These signs are often also followed by the position players in an effort to create the best defense possible to get a hitter out with each pitch.

All too often, pitchers and fielders cannot see each of the catcher's fingers clearly enough to perceive the intended pitch. This leaves the defending team vulnerable to a surprise pitch which usually ends up a costly mistake, as well as putting the fielders out of position and adding the risk of injury to the catcher. In the past, getting crossed up has been a recurring nightmare- haunting teams in the most crucial of moments and costing teams their edge on the game. Not anymore!

With Game Signs, catchers can be confident that their pitchers and fielders are able to see each sign accurately, ensuring each pitch starts with a plan, giving each catcher's team the competitive edge needed to get hitters out and keep catchers in the game. Simply apply the bright colored Game Signs stickers to the fingernails of the catcher's throwing/signaling hand so that each finger will be visually enhanced and your signs will become communicated unmistakably. Game Signs signal enhancement stickers are easy to use, easy to remove and durable enough to withstand the roughest of games. Order your Game Signs today and Don't ever Get Crossed Up again!!!