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Player Testimonials

MLB Player and Coach Testimonials

"Our catchers have used game sign catcher stickers at every level including the Big Leagues. Even with the best of illumination there are a % of pitchers who have trouble seeing the catcher's signals clearly.(Especially on the road with the grey unis) You get crossed up & give up one pitch or worst yet 90' can cost you a game.I highly recommend that you try these stickers."
- Jerry Weinstein (Catching Coach: Colorado Rockies)

Jarrod Saltalamacchia - Catcher Arizona Diamondbacks

Jonathan Lucroy - Catcher Milwaukee Brewers

Chicago White Sox Tyler Flowers Interview

What the Pros are saying about GameSigns:

"For years I have been looking for something that would help in relaying signs to not only my pitchers but middle infielders as well. In high school and college you get used to the lighting giving you trouble but it even happens in the big leagues. Game Signs has taken away all the gimmicks in trying to deal with that problem. No more tape. No more finger nail polish and no more alternate signs that are easy to steal. I like the convenience and ease of the product and my teammates don’t have any issues with seeing my signals anymore. Game Signs is literally a game-changer for me."
- Jonathan Lucroy (Catcher: Milwaukee Brewers)

"Standing behind the pitcher watching him warmup in the pen, I can clearly see the Game Signs on the catcher's fingers. They give the extra visibility needed to see the signs. Great product!"
- Billy Hayes (Professional Catching Coach: San Francisco Giants)

"At this level of game play, it’s the little things that you give you the edge, why risk getting crossed up? Thanks Game Signs"
- AJ Ellis (Catcher Los Angeles Dodgers)

"As a big league catcher, every sign I give is important. The only way I can be sure my pitcher can see me is when I use Game Signs. They give me that added confidence to know we’re always on the same page."
- Kurt Suzuki (Catcher: Minnesota Twins)

"I have gotten crossed up in the past, and there is no worse feeling than running after the ball while 40,000 people are booing. I use Gamesigns, so I will never get crossed up again."
-Chris Stewart (Catcher: Pittsburgh Pirates)

"You guys really are the best in the business; every catcher should use GAME SIGNS. They are #1!"
- Brayan Pena (Catcher: Cincinnati Reds)

"The pitcher needs to see every sign, every time. With Game Signs I can be sure that the pitcher always sees what pitch I am calling!"
- Hector Sanchez (Catcher: San Francisco Giants)

"Preparing for game day can definitely get hectic for a catcher and the last thing I need to worry about is if my pitchers and I are on the same page with our signs. Applying Game Signs takes little effort and allows me more time to prepare my guys. Our entire staff loves the way my signs light up from behind the plate. These things are easy and they work great!"
- Jarrod Saltalamacchia (Catcher: Arizona Diamondbacks)

"It sucks getting crossed up! Game Signs make sure that doesn't happen! Game Signs are a part of my pre-game checklist."
- John Buck (Catcher: Former Big Leaguer)

"Great! Makes it so much easier (with my catcher), definitely taking this back home (Dominican) and showing it to everyone!"
- Armando Paniagua (Pitcher: Giants Organization)

"The last thing you want is to give up a run in a big situation or something like that by a crossed up pitch. I'm doing everything I can to avoid that kind of situation."
-Jonathan Lucroy (Catcher: Milwaukee Brewers)

"(Game Signs) helps the pitchers see my signs. I will use Game Signs instead of putting tape around my fingers, which makes it hard to throw guys out."
- Catcher Samuel Gonzalez